Ultimate Magic Cloth

Ultimate Magic Cloth

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The Ultimate Magic Cloth - The only cloth you will ever need.

  • Just this one cloth will save you over 20 paper towel rolls.
  • No chemicals or harsh cleaning liquids or foams needed, you save there too.
  • No arm wrenching polishing.
  • No Lint or residue left behind.
  • Streak Free, Spot Free, Sparkling Crystal Clear.

Use: Works like magic on windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces.
Stainless appliances and cutlery, bathtubs, showers and tile.
Great for your boat and vehicles inside and out. Safe for
crystal, finished and unfinished wood surfaces, fiberglass and
plastics. Your sunglasses and reading glasses, computer
screens, tablets and your phone will sparkle like magic.

Size: 16 In x 16 In / 40cm x 40cm

Colors: pale yellow (more colors to come, please check back)

Feels like a real leather, super soft cloth, but we didn’t harm
any animals in the making of the Ultimate Magic Cloth!